Past Life Regression allows you to view or connect with past lives.

The technique I use for this process evolved from my own personal experiences.  When I was 30 years old I developed painful migraine headaches. After powerful medication failed, I studied biofeedback therapy. Biofeedback allowed me to enter a deep meditative state that eradicated my migraines – I was amazed by the results!

Five years later, I took a past life workshop.  During the workshops I connected to very deep pain. Those sessions helped me recover from a recent divorce and begin a path of healing from a lifetime of wholehearted pain – I finally began to feel hope!

23 years later, I now use my technique to help clients heal themselves. Through my guidance, you will enter a deep meditative state. I will then ask questions to help you enter subconscious memories. You will be in full control: the mind only allows you to access what you’re prepared to see.

Through past life regression you will heal deep wounds and begin your journey to a more rewarding life!